Send out whatsapp message, email and launch ec2 instance with ebs volume in AWS upon detecting face

🤔Thinking about the innovative world where all humans are going to be replaced by robots 🤖, first thought that strikes would be of automated devices that would perform every task. How are these automatic task performing models are made? Getting down to brass tacks….

Hello everybody!!😊

I came up with an interesting piece of work that would give an idea of the working of these computerized models. In this blog I would like to demonstrate how to send a Whatsapp message📞, email 📟 when a face is detected.

Technologies and libraries that I used for this project are:

☘ Computer Vision ☘ Python(coding) ☘ AWS cloud console ☘ pywhatkit (whatsapp messages) ☘ mailer (sending mails) ☘ OS module and time module for setting up instance.

Cutting to the chase….😁

💢 STEP : 1

— Run => aws configure

then provide your access key, secret key, region name which available in AWS console.

STEP : 2

Put down the code…

*code accessible from my GitHub :

STEP : 3

Run the first cell to collect sample data

STEP 4: Run second cell

Training the model with the dataset.

For training the model, I used Local Binary Patterns Histograms (LBPH) algorithm.

STEP : 5 Run next cell

A window will open where in the model gets accessed to webcam and recognises the face that is trained to it. After recognizing it would send message to whatsapp and email provided.

STEP : 6 — Again run the same cell, it launch ec2 instance with ebs volume attached for different face recognized.

Hope you find my blog erudite!! Thank you 😊

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